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New: Skinologic Cellio Infrared or Blue Light Therapy

        Priced the same as massage rates listed below.


        2 Hours:  $100

        1.5 Hours:  $80

        1 Hour:  $60

        45 Minutes:  $50

        Half Hour:  $40

Massage with Hot Stones: Ask Curtis for this complimentary service with your massage treatment.

Raindrop Technique             1.5 Hours:  $80

Feet & Lower Leg Massage with Basic Reflexology

                                          20 Minutes: $30

Sports Massage (clothed)    15-45 Minutes:  $1/Minute

Chair Massage (clothed)      5-20 Minutes:  $1/Minute

BEST Energy Foot Spa  A Detox Foot Bath

This technology received the 2003 Nobel Prize in Chemisty!

        35 Minutes: $20

With Feet & Lower Leg Massage with Basic Reflexology

        55 Minutes: $45

Massage Spa Facial

         45 Minutes: $60

Massage Spa Facial is included in some of the Spa Packages. I like to use custom-made facial products using quality essential oils and other natural, organic ingredients. This treatment differs from other facilities that use commercial products, and though this treatment is therapeutic, it is non-invasive and is provided for relaxation. Some of my clients use this treatment by itself to help relieve sinus congestion. Discuss with me your purpose for your facial when scheduling.


Prices and/or services are subject to change without notice.