About Rejuvenate

Why Massage Works

Massage Therapy has long been recognized for the benefits of relaxation and pain relief. In more recent years, medical professionals are recognizing its benefits in health and wellness. Therapeutic massage has shown in scientific studies to stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System. The role of this system is to balance the body's functions for proper body operations. This is why therapeutic massage helps to restore balance in the body, correcting imbalance and dysfunction.

Our History

When we opened in 2004, our desire was to provide this community not only with a safe place of retreat of everyday stresses, but to provide quality treatments for pain relief and better health. We felt it was important, and possible, to provide therapeutic treatments that also felt pampering, helping to relieve mental stress, physical stress, emotional/spiritual stress and environmental stress. Addressing each of these life areas allows one to begin to rejuvenate, to correct imbalance and dysfunction.

Rejuvenate opened in 2004, located in the Wal-Mart shopping center on Spur Drive in Marshfield, Missouri. We started with two therapists and grew to 5 therapists, all part-time, each with unique talents. In the summer of 2009, we opened a studio inside Brewer's Coffee House. This setting provided a unique place for clients to stay a while and relax with a Hot Chai or other specialty drink. In February of 2010 we moved to the south side of the town square. Currently Curtis works independantly from his Home Office and he looks forward to providing you exceptional massage therapy service. After 13 years of massage experience, working from home is a blessing for Curtis, and we think you will love it too!

Curtis Rodman is the owner and full-time massage therapist on staff. He grew up in the Marshfield area, graduated in 2001 from Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA with a degree in Physical Therapy Assistant, graduated in 2004 from School of Massage Arts, Springfield, MO. Besides raising four children, he works mornings at Marshfield Christian School and volunteers at a church campground.